Workshop Location
Google Headquarters
Building: The Quad, Building 3
468 Ellis Street
Mountain View, California 94043

Getting Around

With a Car
Free parking is available on site - look for the parking spots that are blank or marked "Google".

With a Carpool
Summit attendees will have the opportunity to reach out to each other to set up carpools to and from the event.

With Taxis, Car & Shuttle Services
Below are some taxi, car & shuttle service options. Please note that Google Earth Outreach does not endorse any of the below services and can not take responsibility for the pricing, comfort or availability of these services.
  • Super Shuttle: 1-800-258-3826
  • AAA Legacy Town Car Service: 650-493-3350
  • Metro Taxi Cab: 650-260-5615
  • Yellow Checker Cab: 650-321-1234
  • Yellow Cab Bay City: 650-669-0101
  • California Taxi: 650-947-1234
  • Palo Alto Taxi: 650-322-999
With Public Transportation

BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)
BART is a rapid transit system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The heavy-rail public transit and subway system connects San Francisco with the San Francisco airport (SFO), cities in the East Bay and suburbs in northern San Mateo County, however it does not run to Mountain View. In order to travel to Mountain View via public transportation, you'll need to take CalTrain.

CalTrain is a commuter rail line on the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley. It's possible to take CalTrain between Mountain View and San Francisco, SFO & SJC airports, but you should budget a lot of time.
You can use Google Maps to help with the Public Transit, but going here (note: you'll have to change the date and time to suit your travels for up-to-date train numbers and times!)

Here are detailed instructions for how to get from SFO to The Wild Palms (thanks to Rick Kos!):
  1. Once you've collected your bags, follow signs (or ask) to the BART station.
  2. You can't pay on the train, so upon first entering the BART station, head to a ticket machine and purchase a $4.25 ticket ($1.55 for seniors) from SFO to Millbrae.  BART info here (try the "Quick Planner" at the upper left): http://www.bart.gov/  Note that many first-time riders find the ticket machine a little confusing, so give yourself a little extra time.
  3. After buying your ticket, ask the agent to point you to the right train/track to get to Millbrae.  Stick your ticket in the turnstile and make sure to grab it once it shoots out the other end. You'll need it again.
  4. Enjoy the 4-minute ride to Millbrae!
  5. At Millbrae, use your BART ticket in the turnstile to exit (the ticket won't shoot out if it contained the exact fare).  
  6. Head to a Caltrain ticket machine.  You can't buy tickets on the train. Purchase a $5.00 one-way ticket TWO ZONE ticket (since the journey from Millbrae to Sunnyvale passes through two Caltrain fare zones).  Details: http://www.caltrain.com/Fares/farechart.html
  7. Follow signs to the southbound (San Jose-bound) platform.  Since most of you will travel to Sunnyvale on a weekend, here is the weekend Caltrain schedule - check the southbound part (most trains leave at :39 past the hour from Millbrae): http://www.caltrain.com/schedules/weekendtimetable.html
  8. There are no turnstiles for Caltrain - just get on.  A conductor may (or may not) check for tickets, so just hang onto it as you ride. 
  9. Enjoy the 55-minute ride to Sunnyvale. 
  10. The Wild Palms Hotel is about 2.5 miles from the Sunnyvale station, so I advise a taxi.  (bus service on weekends is pretty sparse)
Note: Unfortunately, space is very limited, so we cannot accept any walk-in, drop-in, or unconfirmed participants.

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